19 Predictions for 2019

Updated 27/01/2019 - Prediction #03: I had written that Amazon would reach a market cap of 1 trillion dollars. It had already reached this in September 2018

Inspired by Prof. Scott Galloway’s prediction series, I thought I’d attempt my own. At the time of writing (14th Jan 2019), here are my predictions for 2019. I’ll try to revist them at the end of the year so see how I performed. It’s just for fun:

  1. Snapchat goes bankrupt or to be acquired by a non Big Tech company (i.e. not Facebook, Apple, Google, Netflix or Amazon)

  2. Tesla to go bankrupt by end of 2019

  3. 2019 will be the hottest year on record

  4. GE files for bankruptcy

  5. At least three high profile cryptocurrency startups go bankrupt

  6. Brexit: Parity between Euro and Pound during the year (€1 = £1)

  7. Dogecoin reaches $1

  8. The Saints win the superbowl

  9. Liverpool win the Premier League

  10. Manchester City vs. Liverpool in the Champions League Final

  11. Mark Zuckerberg stands down as chairman of Facebook

  12. France & USA get new presidents

  13. Venture capital investments are lower than 2018 as startups shun venture capital funds

  14. Airbnb files for IPO

  15. S&P 500 gives a return of at least 25%

  16. Price of Brent crude oil averages $50 per barrel

  17. Amazon acquires an autonomous vehicle startup

  18. At least three US companies suffer cybersecurity breaches resulting in data losses

  19. Netflix is subject of a takeover bid

What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments or drop me a message

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