20 for 2020

Following on from last years effort to set goals for the new year - 19 for 2019 - I’ve set new objectives for 2020 i.e. #20for2020.

This year, I’ve categorized the 20 objectives into four areas: 1) Financial, Health & Well Being, 2) Family and Friends, 3) Learning and 4) Charity & Community.

This year I’ve set each objective with a number because this way it’s measurable and second, I can have the pleasure of tracking it on a nice Objective, Key Results (OKR’s) graph. Furthermore, I have blocked off time-slots in my calendar to ensure I stay on track.

Overall, for this year I’ve tried to set the objectives around a specific theme - Happiness. I chose happiness due to inspiration from a book I started reading last September called (I may make a commission for purchases made through the following link) Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy by Mo Gawdat. My aim, this year is to have objectives that are tailored toward leading a more balanced life.

Financial, Health & Well being

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Run 20 miles per week
  3. Create 12 pieces of art: 6 paintings and 6 objects
  4. Build a custom ETF on M1 Finance with $10k
  5. Triple my income

Family & Friends

  1. Host 20 people for dinner
  2. Call/message five family or friends every Friday
  3. One movie night per month, with the wife
  4. One debate night per month, with the wife
  5. Go to two Broadway shows, with the wife


  1. Get Driving licence
  2. Read one book per month
  3. Meet 20 new people per month
  4. Visit 20 museums
  5. Watch a Productivity video weekly

Charity & Community

  1. Raise 2020 dollars for a charity
  2. Donate 2020 dollars to a charity
  3. Write four letters to officials
  4. Volunteer two hrs per month
  5. Give mentoring advice to 20 people on LinkedIn
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