7 Days Without Coffee

Seven days in with no coffee and I am not really missing it apart from the smell. The first few days were hard but I think I am on top of it now. I started thinking about cutting back to a small cup per day at first but dived into cold turkey mode - total elimination. Success, so far! In lieu of regular cups of Joe, I’ve been consuming two to three cups of caffeine free tea.

The main effect I observed is that I definitely feel more tired without coffee. Another effect could be (I need more data points) is that I feel less stressed or excitable in a tense situation at work. I am sure there are some benefits for my stomach too.

I was drinking at least two large cups per day when working at home. When you buy in bulk I think it makes it easier to become tempted. Furthermore, If I was out and about it would likely be three to four.

Let me get to some reasons why I thought about cutting back.

First, I became aware of the acidic nature associated with coffee and the effect on my teeth when I stumbled across a Youtube video explaining the damage it can do.

Second, financial aspects. When a coffee in NYC costs somewhere between $1.50 and $10 - well you get my point.

Third, the final nail was that I had been flying alot recently and of course took advantage of the free, not-so-nice coffee onboard. Combined with onboard meals, I just felt sick.

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