Are You Supercharging Your Work Processes

[This article was updated on 03/11/2017]

Recently, we published our company goal, strategy and mission, and I’d like to add some extra thoughts around this, based on current events, industry observations and feedback I’ve received. Simply put, our goal is to develop intelligent, data-driven software-as-a-service to reduce costs and enhance the safety of people and assets.

This means that we are looking at adding a layer on top of existing practices and experience. I’d like to emphasise that our purpose is not to completely discard old methods or to reduce the role of people in an organisation.

At Computation Hub we propose to “supercharge” existing processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software applications accessed in a web browser that can improve the quality of life for your teams, save time and money, and ensure safety across the organisation. Questions we ask ourselves all the time are:

  • How can we increase productivity with what we’ve got?
  • In what ways can we leverage and manage the benefits of digital technologies to enhance a process?
  • What sort of gains could we achieve by challenging an existing way of doing something?

It can mean going paperless, utilising data that would be otherwise sitting idle on a server, or leveraging value from data through the use of AI.

Artificial Intelligence and You

Digitalisation in the oil & gas industry is trending and there are large efforts to use AI across all departments. Yet, there appears to be a fear surrounding this wave of digitalisation too. The main issues being the power of the intelligence gained, control and the role of humans.

At a recent AI event in Paris, one industry representative claimed that less than 5% of AI startups are impacting jobs. In my opinion, people will have to play an increasingly stronger role in the future compared to the pre-digitisation era. High-risk operations in our industry cannot be fully trusted to AI and so, the end decision must remain with the human operator. 


I believe that AI and data will emerge as a key ally in the digital transformation process working seamlessly with humans. The main benefit will be the gains in productivity thanks to the supercharging abilities that AI brings to work processes.

Computation Hub is ready to accelerate the implementation of digital technologies within your organisation. 

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