Have You Been Hacked?

I came across this nice tool from Avast the other day.

It lists the online accounts associated with your email that have been hacked - in other words, if your password has been exposed or not.

Insert your email address and it retrieves accounts associated with than email address. Shortly afterwards, you’ll receive a report via email.

How does this happen?

Every year, billions of login details from hundreds of websites are taken in hacker attacks. These stolen email addresses and passwords are then exposed on the dark web or sold on the black market, where criminals pay to gain access to your sensitive data. Companies or organizations you do business with can also leak or publish their users’ sensitive data by accident.

If criminals get a hold of one of your accounts, they can potentially impersonate you, message your contacts, access your cloud storage, steal your money, and even jump to your other accounts. That’s why we take password safety so seriously.

Source: Avast

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