Oil & Energy Landscape France

This is a live list of French-based startups operating in the Oil & Gas and the Renewable Energy sectors. The objective is to have a live database of startup companies within France.

This is not a definitive list and will be updated and published regularly based on communications from the community.

(See the github link for a better quality photo; somehow LinkedIn has applied some filter to the image)


Feel free to republish this list accordingly. The latest and greatest list will be published in the following LinkedIn Groups and via this medium:

  1. Society of Petroleum Engineers

  2. Energies Marines Renouvelables et Innovation maritime

  3. On Startups

This list is hosted on Github, a Web-based Git version control repository hosting service.

How It Works

To add a startups name to the list, two methods are possible:

  1. Send an email to peter@computationhub.com

  2. Open a new GitHub issue (you need to be signed up to Github)


Please use the following format in your request:


All suggestions are welcomed. Please refer to the “How It Works” section. If you want to be a contributor to Github for this repo, please contact me to get access.

Please like and share this database with your network.

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