Running for 2020

This year I set myself the ambitious goal of running 2019km throughout the course of the year.

I got off to a good start by running the large loop of central park and did so several times after - specifically 5km to 7km runs around the lower loop of Central park, on Sundays. Additionally, I ran other routes too, notably back and fourth to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I also kept up running with the Manhattan Gaels unofficial run club, which runs along the east river, from 34th street to the Williamsburg bridge in Manhattan.

I really notice the positive energy and uplift that a run brings about. Unfortunately, my schedule these past few months has been packed which restricted my energy and desire to maintain or at least increase my running and accumulated distance for the year.

I also suspect a reason why I’ve been running less is also down to the fact I don’t wear my Fitbit regularly. I observed that when I wore it day and night, I would be subconciously(?) prompted to ruffle up the buzz to go for a run. Sidenote on Fitbit, they get dirty and smelly pretty fast!

Looking back at my 2019 goal to run 2019km, it was certainly over ambitious - 38.8km per week would be the minimum required target. Going into 2020, I think perhaps 20km per month would be more achievable (and sane), especially in weekly 5km sessions.

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