Simplified video conferencing

Video conference calls can be a real pain to setup, from a technical point of view. By that, I mean there are several dozen types of video call software available which are really good at what they do (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc.). The problem is there is no interconnection between two different clients. You cannot easily call someone from Skype who is in Google Hangouts.

For example, you finally organise a suitable time to have a call with your customer or contractor after several emails or calls. You then attach the video conferencing link in the calendar invitation and send to your correspondent. Typically, 10mins after the hour, there is no-one on the other end. Did you forget to send the details? No. The correspondent hasn’t found the link so they end up calling you on the office phone asking for the link and instructions.

After fixing things up, you find out that the other caller uses GoToMeeting while your organisation uses Skype. In order to join the call, they probably need to download a piece of software and install — wasting valuable time.

As a quick resolution to the problem, the call is done over speakerphone on the classic office phone. That polished powerpoint presentation you spent hours on, ended up being sent by email as opposed to being shown on screen.

As a result, it’s a time-consuming effort which leaves you frustrated and wondering what you could be doing with that wasted time!

At Computation Hub, Appear.In is our tool of choice for external video calling. It’s a collaborative and easy to use video conference, Software-as-a-Service. Here is how it works and it takes less than 30 seconds to get started:

Go to your web browser and go to Create room name (optional but recommended in my opinion) Share the link with your correspondent Wait for the other person to join (at the agreed time obviously) The real power of this service is that there is nothing to download or install because it works in your browser, on any device. Moreover, it has all of the features you need — sharing of screens, chat window and more.

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