I’ve worked on a wide range of projects during my career. Below is a chronological list.

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Oil & Energy - Digital Digest

A free, online networking event with 1-on1 video conversations for people in the Oil & Energy sector interested in all things digital.

COORDINATE - Digital Transformation Model Canvas

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Digitalization is touted as a lynchpin for cost-effective energy projects and organizations. Today and in the future, organizations need to do more with less, in times of fluctuating energy prices and the big crew change. Furthermore, we need to embrace Digitalization to ensure the industry is compelling enough to attract and keep a younger generation in the workforce.

COORDINATE is a new framework created by Computation Hub to help people start, coordinate and deliver upon their digital transformation journey.

Tech Projects

Web Portfolio For My Wife Jennifer Doherty

Built and deployed a personal website using Gatsbyjs and Netlify.

Company Website For Computation Hub

Built and deployed a company website using Django, Heroku and AWS S3.

Website for Five Borough Realty Managers Club


Built and deployed a landing page using Django, Heroku and AWS S3.

Oil & Energy - Startup Map France

An interactive map of all oil & energy startups in France (WIP). I hope to fix, refine and finish this be end of Q3 2019.

PROLAY, Private Software-as-a-Service

Product Owner & Architect for a Machine Learning SaaS to reduce downtime for the installation of subsea pipelines and cables. I initiated meetings with prospective clients to listen to their needs and evaluate the product’s potential (Discontinued).

Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) Mobile Application

Client: Internal Wood Group project

Product Owner & Architect for a hybrid mobile app to log safety observations. Successfully secured a small R&D budget (~30k Euro) and led a multi-disciplined startup team located in Paris, Houston, Brisbane, London & Aberdeen to develop the application. Delivered version one with 40% of the entire budget. Read more.

Typed - A plugin for Reveal.js Presentation Framework

In this open source project, I implemented a typewriter effect using Type.js as a plugin for Reveal.js, the HTML Presentation Framework. Read More

Oil & Gas Engineering Projects

Riser Concept Benchmarking Engineering Tool

Client: TOTAL

Developed an engineering software tool that can screen and rank different riser solutions for TOTAL, when I worked at Wood Group. Developed a novel user interface to account for dozens of design criteria and factors.

Ichthys Pipeline & Structure Installation

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors | Ultimate Clients: McDermott & Inpex

Senior Engineer at Wood Group that led a team that delivered engineering analysis and design reports for subsea flowlines and structures for a US$37 billion project, offshore Western Australia. My work led to the generation of over 700k euros of revenue for my business units within a three year period. Image:

DCV Aegir Pipelay Stinger Analysis (6 month secondment)

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors

Six-month mission as a Specialist Engineer working in the client’s office in Leiden, the Netherlands to analyse and provide design checks for the v-lay stinger for the Aegir, a Deepwater Construction Vessel. Image:

Sapinhoa Norte Freestanding Hybrid Riser Design

Client: Saipem | Ultimate Client: Petrobras

Project Engineer at Wood Group responsible for the design of a Free Standing Hybrid Riser (FSHR) to support Saipem for their tender to Petrobras for the first deepwater Pre-Salts development offshore Brazil. Image: Read more.

Maersk Gryphon Steep Wave Risers Re-design

Client: Maersk Oil

In February 2011, the Maersk Gryphon FPSO broke loose from its moorings in a strong North Sea storm. This resulted in the entire subsea production system being destroyed. Seconded to Aberdeen to support Maersk in the re-design of Steep Wave Riser system. Image:

Clov FPSO Motion and Acceleration Analysis

Client: TOTAL

TOTAL had six options for the choice of FPSO for CLOV - a multi-billion dollar development offshore Angola. As Project Engineer, I was responsible for performing a motion and acceleration analysis of these options to identify the most suitable solution which would withstand extreme environmental conditions. Image:

Joint Industry Project - Installation JIP by DNVGL

Employer: Company Rep for Wood Group

Acted as Wood Group company representative to attend project meetings at DNVGL’s headquarters in Olso. Participated in report reviews and group discussions to define standardised guidelines and methods. Image:

Water Injection Riser JUBILEE, West of Africa

Client: TechnipFMC

Senior Engineer to provide engineering support for the replacement of a damaged water injection riser. The main objective was selecting a suitable temporary, suspended riser configuration which was required as part of the replacement process.

Wood Group Kenny, Gold Standard Worksheet Development Total Fatigue Calculations for Risers

Leading the development of a Gold Standard Worksheet (GSW) for the calculation of Total Fatigue for Risers. The tool uses novel techniques to sum the damages from sources such as Wave Motion, VIV, VIM, Thermal and Slugging.

Wood Group Kenny Kuala Lumpur, Modec Asset Integrity Management, Asia

Client: MODEC

Senior Engineer to lead development of an automated Risk Based Inspection Assessment Tool utilizing Visual Basic Applications for Modec.

Total E&P Congo TAT-SEFP, West of Africa

Client: South Offshore | Ultimate Client: TOTAL E&P Congo

I acted as Senior Engineer and Project Manager to lead the installation analysis, define the offshore procedures and deliver Laydown Tables. Duties included Project Management, supervision of resources and co-ordination of WGK Quality Management Systems and liaison with the client.

LIWAN, South China Sea

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors | Ultimate Client: Husky Oil

Senior Engineer for the verification of analysis & procedures for the installation of 1st end Pipeline End Terminations and In-line Tees in Shallow water.

KAOMBO, West of Africa

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors | Ultimate Client: TOTAL

Project Manager of a team of three engineers for QA/QC of Normal Pipelay and Structure Installation analyses.

DCV AEGIR Shallow Water Test & Trials, Gulf of Mexico

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors

Senior Engineer for analysis of 2nd End FLET Trial Installation in Shallow water as part of the Test and Trials of the DCV Aegir.

LUCIUS, Gulf of Mexico

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors | Ultimate Client: Anadarko

Senior Engineer/Project Manager managing a team of four engineers for the analysis & procedures for the installation of 1st end and 2nd End Pipeline End Terminations with 6-inch and 8-inch Reeled Pipelines in Deepwater and delivery of reports to the client for Offshore Installation Manuals (OIMs).

Engineering Support (Tenders & Verification of Analyses), Gulf of Mexico and West of Africa

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors

Project Engineer performing tender support for bids within HMC:

  • Normal Pipelay (Reel Lay) of 6-inch and 8-inch pipelines;
  • Lateral Curve Stability Analyses;
  • Stab and Hinge Over of 1st end structures;
  • J-Lay analyses for Pipe-in-Pipe flowlines for a tender West of Africa.

Engineering Support (Tenders & Verification of Analyses), Gulf of Mexico and West of Africa

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors

Seconded to Heerema Marine Contractors offices in the Netherlands as a Specialist Engineer for six months. Duties were:

  • Analyses of V-Lay Stinger Rollerboxes using Flexcom;
  • Watchcircle assessments for shallow and deepwater projects;
  • Tender Support to EPIC managers;
  • Stab and Hinge over analysis for 1st End PLETS;
  • Abandon and Recover of Flowlines/Risers with the DCV Balder;
  • S-Lay analyses using Pipelay for verification of sub-contractors.

ROSA Riser Base Jumper Spool Trenching Study, West of Africa

Client: TOTAL

Project Engineer for the analysis of the spool configurations to determine the impact of seabed trenching from the Extreme, VIV, VIM and Wave Fatigue responses.

ERHA NORTH SCR Analyses Optimization Study, West of Africa

Client: Saipem

Project Engineer for a study of the optimisation of fatigue lives for the Water Injection Risers.

GUARA TUPI NE Field, Offshore Brazil

Client: Saipem | Ultimate Client: Petrobras

Project Engineer that performed an evaluation of the towing of a Bundled Hybrid Offset Riser (BHOR) from a fabrication yard in Brazil to the Deepwater development offshore Brazil. Submerged and Surface tows were evaluated and fatigue budget calculations were delivered to assess the feasibility of the tow. Extreme Analyses and Fatigue Analyses.

KIZOMBA SATELLITES WI Riser Base Jumper Spools, West of Africa

Client: Saipem | Ultimate Client: Exxon Mobil

Project Engineer for the fatigue analysis of the riser base jumpers induced by Direct VIV of the spools, the VIV of the SHR, Wave Fatigue, Thermal Fatigue and 2nd Order Wave Fatigue. Utilisation of Shear7 for Direct VIV of the spools, VIV of the SHR and to determine fatigue lives at welded pipe sections which were then used as part of Total Fatigue Life calculations of the structures analysed.

ENFIELD Mooring Analyses Study, Western Australia

Client: Maersk Contractors | Woodside Client: Exxon Mobil

Project Engineer for the mooring analysis of the Drilling Rig under worst case environmental conditions and verification of compliance of the mooring pattern with API standards. Extreme verification using Ariane 3-D.

ERHA NORTH SCR Global Analyses Tender Support, West of Africa

Client: Saipem | Ultimate Client: Exxon Mobil

Lead Engineer for FPSO RAO Screening to determine Governing / Critical seastates and Maximum vessel hang-off motions and accelerations. SCR extreme response and Wave fatigue assessment

CLOV FPSO RAO Screening Study, West of Africa

Client: Total

Project Engineer to perform a screening of hang-off motions for a number of FPSOs identified for the development of the CLOV field for Total offshore Angola and determine critical riser hang-off motions, associated sea-states as well as the critical FPSO RAO set, using Flexcom.

CLOV Clashing Study, West of Africa

Client: Total

Project Engineer to determine satisfactory configurations that would avoid interference between three umbilicals.

USAN Buoyancy Tank Monitoring Study, West of Africa

Client: Total

Project Engineer for the analysis of the SHRs under quasi-static loading and definition of buoyancy tank motion envelopes for three buoyancy tank conditions (intact, 1 compartment flooded and 2 compartment flooded). The goal was to ascertain if buoyancy tank damage of the USAN SHRs could be monitored by other means than the measurement of the tension.

USAN Increased FPSO Offsets Study, West of Africa

Client: Total

Project Engineer for the assessment of new FPSO offsets for the USAN Field offshore Nigeria on behalf of Total.

EGINA Basic Engineering, West of Africa

Client: Total

Project Engineer to compile the Riser Design Brief, Design Methodology and Endorsement documents.


Client: Talisman

Provided engineering support to Senior Engineer on the fatigue assessment of the Buchanan Field for Talisman.

Manufacturing & Design-Build Projects

Dust Suppression Unit

Redesign of the dust suppression unit during my internship at Major Equipment International Limited.

Steel Storage Unit

Design, build and project management of a steel storage unit for Major Equipment International Limited.

Factory Gate

Design, build and project management of an electric gate for the factory entrance at Major Equipment International Limited.